My HF Beacon Information

Frequency 12m 24.928 kHz

DE 7Z1CQ/B 7Z1CQ/B KL91uj

Keyer ID-O-Matic II

Power ~5 watts

Mode CW

WPM 20

Dipole 1/4-wave antenna

Operation Continuous ( 28′ sec ON 10′ sec OFF)

To see my activity please press activity for 7Z1CQ/B

10 Responses to Beacon

  1. Bruce says:

    Hello Abdulhafiz, I heard your beacon 599 in ZS6 KG43ax. Sounds vey good. Kind regards, Bruce ZS6BK

  2. Tom Juelich says:

    hi Abdulhafiz, just received your beacon (april 13 2013, 16:36Z) nice qrp signal on my modest antenna ( R7 vertical fm Cushcraft) 3m over ground mounted on my garage. 73 from Tom, DL2HRF near Leipzig / Germany.

  3. Juan says:

    Hi, OM, I heard your beacon today, 09/06/2013, at 17:00 UTC, good signal 559 on 12M.
    73´s de EA7KJ.

  4. Rüdiger says:

    Hello I heard your beacon today, 04/07/2013, at 15:15 UTC, good signal 559 qsb on 12M.
    My Antenna is GP
    Locactor here JO31TD

    73 Rüdiger , DK3FB

  5. Stefano says:

    Hello Abdulhafiz
    لقد استمعت إلى منارة الخاص بك مع بلدي قصبة الصيد الرأسية التي شنت على مستوى الأرض. إشارة جيدة جدا ونظيفة. تهنئة
    73 de IK6RHT

  6. Stan says:

    Hello I heard your beacon today, 28/12/2013, at 11:10 UTC, good signal 599 on 12M.
    My Antenna is GP
    Locactor here KN77EN

    73 Stan, UT6EY

  7. 7Z1CQ/B.. I heard your beacon (just today 22.02.2014. 08:38 GMT) RPRT was abt : 559 with some QSB.
    My QTH LOC : JN95LI.
    Antena was MONOBAND DIPOL fer 12mt band (abt only 10mt high)

    73 de Duby , 9A6DR

  8. Kurt says:

    Loud and clear 599 today 04.05.2014 12.36UTC in HB9, on a G5RV and TS-480SAT.
    73s HB9XCL, Kurt

  9. Marco says:

    Hello, I’m receiving your beacon (04/05/2014) with low signal but very clear (RST 529) with an home made loop antenna.
    Best 73, IW1FWO – Marco – JN45DM

  10. Chris says:

    Hi, i have heard your beacon 02/10/2014 17:00 17:40 TU clear signal (549) on my dipole rotative
    73s Chris F4GHW (JN13DE)

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